Smoking Photographs of Sakshi Dhoni

Sakshi Dhoni, the down-to-earth but glamorous wife of Mahendra Singh Dhoni has not a clean past. She had her share of fun during college days in Kolkata when she was studying in a hotel management institute. She was known for her sweet nature and used to be in the company of lots of guys. She partied a lot and used to consume alcohol. Two photographs of her college days have started to float around the Internet recently. In both of these photographs, Sakshi Dhoni (in black top) is seen with a cigarette. These two photos were apparently leaked by someone close to her in the college.

Sakshi Singh Rawat and Mahendra Singh Dhoni came close to each other during a party at Taj, Mumbai. The party was organized by John Abraham and Bipasa Basu (then John and Bipasa were couple). Sakshi was doing her internship with Taj, Mumbai. Being a great fan of both John Abraham and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, she talked with John earlier in one of parties. John gave her autograph and promised to introduce her to M S Dhoni. He thought that little girl is just interested in an autograph.

As promised, John introduced Dhoni to Sakshi Singh Rawat. The conversation started and Dhoni realized that Sakshi is the daughter of an employee of Mecon, Ranchi. Dhoni’s father Pan Singh is also an employee of Mecon. He was even more surprised to learn that Sakshi had also studied from the same school, DAV Shyamali, Ranchi. Though, Sakshi was eight classes junior to her (which means they didn’t know each other during school days). The similarity doesn’t end here. Both of them are originally from Uttarakhand. Naturally, they started to have lots of discussions which culminated into their marriage.
Hopefully, these photographs will not make any impact on the marriage life of Sakhsi and Mahi. They are doing great and look really amazing together. It is said that a large part behind the success of Mahendra Singh Dhoni also goes to Sakshi Dhoni. They are also planning to have baby, now.

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